The Birth of Style Sparrow

Welcome to the beginning of yet another fashion blog.

I’ve got to say I feel slightly out of my comfort zone. This is a world filled with super cool quirky girls who in general have the money, or at least enough money, to post their latest fashion finds and pictures of ‘what I wore.’

Right now, the high street is very much my home. And when I say high street, I mean the real high street. Not Reiss, Russell and Bromley and All Saints like some magazines will claim is affordable everyday people shops. No I’m talking, River Island and Topshop, or even more realistically, Primark and New Look.

But this isn’t meant to be a sob story and I’m not even going to pretend I’m some sort of Gok-like high street pioneer, claiming that spending a fortune on clothes is crazy because the truth is…I’d sell myself out in a heartbeat.

Any of you that are really into fashion know what I mean. Personally I think having an interest in fashion isn’t about having to shop in charity shops and customise things nor is it about being obsessed with labels. Fashion is about a love of clothes. A love of creativity. Whether that means your wearing a Primark dress with an All Saints jumper and vintage boots. Who cares where its from as long as you feel and look amazing!?

So what I’m saying is, I may not pay £100 for a dress but that’s not for some deep ethical reason, its simply because right now in this period of my life I can’t afford it. But when I can, if I want a £100 dress I’ll buy it as much as I would buy some New Look pumps.

So if I’m not a super-cool quirky girl bred for the fashion world then who am I? And why on earth am I writing a blog?

Weeeell, read my About page…or just be patient.

I’ll tell you eventually.

One thing at a time.



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