Introducing SparrowandB

You may have noticed I’ve mentioned SparrowandB once or twice before…

Maybe this is the time to explain.

I LOVE creating and making things. There’s nothing better for me than to be surrounded by material. I’m the type of person who will start cutting up my clothes a couple of hours before I’m supposed to be going out because I have nothing new to wear. I genuinely love going to fabric and haberdashery shops.

Strange to some of you, others will completely understand.

I’ve always thought about trying to make things to sell but to be quite honest I’m a pretty slow seamstress, or maybe its more the work that goes into making clothes as to why it takes so long. Anyway, I decided to turn my hand to jewellery. But not silver and metals, keeping it line with textiles, I decided to start making knitted and fabric bracelets.

I recently decided to do a couple of sets or collections that have a theme running through them. Looking at the fashions for A/W 2012 I decided to do a Baroque collection and a British Heritage Collection.

Below is my inspiration and the collections.



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