The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind of change. Change and work. Work and a bit more work…with a dollop of work added to that.

So I’ve moved to London. The City. I was so ready for it until about a week before I moved when I had a slight mental breakdown at the thought of having to be a grownup. Its a bigger deal than I realised. I’ve pretty much been living off pasta to be honest.

The second change, The Job. I started on the Xfactor Styling Team. I’d done a couple of weekends of it in the past years. But this is different. This is fulltime, a long 6 days a week.

Negatives…returning all the hundreds of items of clothing and shoes each week that we didn’t use.

Positives…getting involved in the creative. Calling in pieces of clothing that fit the brief and seeing them get chosen on the weekend.
We work under head stylist Frank Strachan and then there is 4 main stylists. No, I am not one of the main stylists. In fact I’m pretty much…an intern. Sorry did I forget to mention that? There you were getting all excited that you were reading someone importants blog.ha.

As I said though, its not all returns, hanging stuff up and steaming. It’s all worthwhile when something you’ve sewn or chosen makes it on tv. Almost worthwhile anyway.

So yer I’m definitely looking forward to getting some social life back when its finished but at the moment I’m loving being surrounded by amazing clothes.
I’ll try and start blogging a bit more again with the brands I’ve loved on our rails and a pic or two of the contestants.
Here’s one just to keep you happy. The lovely District3.

And let me know what outfits you’ve loved and hated so far on the series!



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