In love with Leather…

As the cold increases into the winter months so does my obsession for all things leather.
I pretty much live in black throughout the winter and when your wearing a medley of dull greys and blacks you have to start experimenting with texture instead.

Now, maybe I should state from the outset that when I speak of leather this is very much with my bank balance in mind. So really I’m talking leather, pleather, PU, whatever leather looking substance I can get my hands on.

In the Xfactor wardrobe over the weeks we’ve had various lovely pieces of leather come in and out of our office. My favourite has to be the Stefanel trousers. These have to be the softest leather garment I have ever touched. Unfortunately however they are so far out of my price range that I dare not dream of them any longer.

A high-street alternative to the Stefanel trousers seems to be hard to find. I bought the River Island PU trousers but was massively disappointed. I love the look as they look like real leather and it saddens me to have to criticize the amazing store that is River Island but the fact is, they fell apart. Twice. So the hunt continues…

If you’ve been watching xfactor then hopefully you would have noticed that the competition has lost its final girl. The ratio hasn’t exactly been equal from the beginning which means my job has been more involved in menswear than womens. Therefore it feels only right to give you men out there a little attention too…
I love nothing more that clothes that arent normally made of leather that are made of leather. So move over tedious leather jacket, I’m far more interested in leather shirts. Yes a soft leather shirt is painfully cool for a guy to wear and in my hours of research for the show I found an amazing one by So Popular.

Rocky with a smart twist, what more could you want?

Leather is no longer just for rockers and bikers. Leather can be chic, smart and sexy. Mix a leather pencil skirt with a shirt for work. Don’t feel you could wear leather trousers? Then get some leggings or jeans with a leather panel. I promise you, your life will be texturally enriched… ha.


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