The Big Wide World of Menswear…

Anyone who’s been reading my blog will know that I make and sell textile jewellery under the name SparrowandB.

Well due to an odd series of events started by my friends brother, I now find myself with a rather large knitting machine in my small London flat, surrounded by wool, manically knitting and sewing ties.

Yes, as you can see from the Blog below I’ve started a scary journey into the world of menswear accessories.

And I have to say…I’m enjoying it.

They are far more time consuming to make than the Jewellery. And I will admit I’ve had a few meltdowns while practising with over ironed material that mysteriously turns into a paper like substance, with the realisation that a finished tie is far too short as I had the tension wrong, with bits of bias material snaking and twisting and simply not doing what I want it to do, with…well, whatever could go wrong pretty much has.

But the sense of satisfaction with these ties (now I have them completely worked out!) when they are finished is far higher than anything I’ve made to date.

I’m my own worse critic but this is the first time I’m proud of something I’ve made.

So here they are…I’ve started with four basic ties that can be ordered in various colours. I hope soon to add particular designs.

Textured Knitted Tie with Contrast Knot
Textured Knitted Tie with Contrast Knot

This tie is knitted on a manual knitting machine and hand finished. The hand sewing means it won’t ruche up after extensive wear as can happen if sewn up by machine

Each tie also has a piece of satin material on the back which runs down half of the length of the tie. This is to avoid stretching and will add to the life of the tie. This piece of satin is cut on the bias and hand sewn on which means as the tie is knotted several times it will not twist out of shape.’  From my Etsy Page

Plain Knit Tie with Contrasting Stripes
Plain Knit Tie with Contrasting Stripes







Super Skinny Knitted Tie








Textured Knitted Tie

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