Time for me to Geek out…

OK, So in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a massive fashion geek. Like, have a folder full of my favourite fashion stories cut from magazines kind of geek. (I may regret broadcasting that to the world!)

And last night I fulfilled a Fashion Geeks dream (there must be a good acronym for that…Feek?Hmm, I’ll work on it.) I worked at my first fashion show. That’s right up there on Feek, Fgeek, Freaks!? lists, apart from being on the other side of the curtain on the FROW of course.

It might seem stupid to a lot of people, but to me, working at a London Collection show was more exciting  than working on the Xfactor. Because I don’t care about celebrities, I care about clothes.

You always have visions of backstage at fashion shows being frantic, of everyone running around and screaming (well I do anyway) but it was the most chilled out job I’ve ever done. Maybe it helped it was a Menswear show, I can’t imagine those boys throwing a hissy fit. Plus I only had one change to do compared to 12 dancers like on the Xfactor.

Anyway lets stop talking about me and start talking about the show. It was for James Long and personally I loved it. Maybe I’m biased because I was there in person to see the collection but I thought the rough textured knit-wear mixed in with the long trenches and silky separates was the epitome of Wintery fashion bliss.  The colour palette was very autumnal with browns, mustards and khaki greens which I have to say is not normally my thing. I actually don’t think I own a brown item of clothing as when it comes to winter i’m all about black black and some more black.  James Longs show, however, didn’t detest me like earthy colours often do. The metallic silky sheen a lot of the clothing had kept it more luxe than farmer. It was also the textures that won me over in James Longs Collection. Knit, leather and silk. Throw some dogtooth in there and we have ourselves some A/W goodness.

Here are some of the highlights:

(Note: The model whom I helped dress and quick change, Yannick is the first picture. He was brilliant and nothing but lovely! Just thought I’d put it out there…ha)




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