Guys, the future’s orange…London Collections.

Don’t worry guys I’ve done the scouring for you. Want to know what trends will be trickling through to the high street next Autumn? Well, below I’ve got three themes that I noticed to be the most obvious. So read on…

Lets start with colour themes. Yes that’s right, Orange. There was an awful lot of Orange peppering the shows this season. From the bold with Topman to the subtle with Hackett London, orange is definitely a colour that will find itself in your wardrobe. (From left to right we have Jonathan Saunders, Hackett London, Topman, E.Tautz and Richard Nicoll.)


We also see another theme above that ran throughout a lot of the shows with relaxed tailoring. Suit trousers have come away from the previously popular skinny leg towards a baggy oversized look came up frequently. Most of these were often taken in at the ankle as seen above with Jonathan Saunders, Topman and E.Tautz. Personally I don’t think you’ll get many guys away from their slim fit trousers just like the 70’s flares never took off in womenswear, we simply love our skinnies too much.

Tailoring also saw another re-vamp when it came to suit jackets. Different coloured panels on the jackets or different coloured arms is the way forward for suits. Its a trend that I think is more likely to find its way into the hearts and wardrobes of mankind than the oversized trousers. From left to right below we see Jonathan Saunders, Lou Dalton, Mr Start and Richard Nicoll. We can see from the pictures below another colour theme emerge. Yes, Blue is the colour of your next suit. Even Topman amidst all its cream and orange Alpine glory featured a navy blue suit. Try and keep those two colour themes away from each though. I don’t want to see an army of blue and orange men on the highstreet!

tailoringThe third theme is all about Stripes. Or more precisely stripey coats. The normal long wool coat has had a make-over.  The Hardy Amies coat (far left) is an all grey option that you wouldn’t have to be the most outlandish person to copy. The Oliver Spencer coat (second from right) with the one stripe is also easy to copy if your worried about it looking too over the top. Whatever your like, be prepared to get some stripes in your life. (From left to right: Hardy Amies, Jonathan Saunders, Oliver Spencer and Vivienne Westwood Man)


But enough of themes, I, before I finish this post, want to share with you my four favourite shows. Richard Nicoll (of course, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I’m obsessed) Jonathan Saunders, E.Tautz and Katie Eary.

Richard Nicoll’s show had a slight sense of prisoner to it with the small beanies, orange, long jumpers and jumpsuits. However, I loved his use of the grey subtle pattern he used throughout his collection plus his contrast panel tailoring was smart but yet different and very much lived up to my expectations (shown earlier). Add some metallics in there and we’ve got ourselves a collection. The man can do no wrong.

Jonathan Saunders’ collection was possibly the best in my eyes. He had shots of strong colours like turquoise and orange, amazing tailoring (shown earlier), PVC sweaters and coats layered with more traditional pieces, dip-dye bombers that had had a smart-over and looked almost like shirts and stripey coats (also shown earlier). What a winter in Jonathan Saunders’ world!

(Richard Nicoll and Jonathan Saunders)


The E.Tautz collection also grabbed my interest with brocade trousers which somehow managed to still look masculine when put with long shirts and casual v-necks. They also got the casual tailoring down to a T including the over-sized trousers mentioned earlier. Plus we’re talking my kind of winter colours, black, greys and whites. I know, how very bland.

I have to take my hat of to Katie Eary. Her collection on the surface was ridiculously feminine with there being so much floral you could have mistaken it to be the Chelsea Flower show. However, she contrasted this against masculine shapes and a sporty almost hip-hop vibe that screamed MAN! It was a clever experiment between genders that I think, compared to J.W.Andersons disturbing collection (seen in previous post), she completely pulled off.

(E.Tautz and Katie Eary)



Time for me to go buy some colour…


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