First thing about me:

I hate writing about myself.

So writing an ‘About’ section doesn’t exactly fill me with glee. But I’ll have a go…

Top three things about me (relevant to this blog):

1) I love fashion and clothes. A bit obvious?

Ok, I love making clothes and would do this a lot more if I had the time and money (an overlocker is very much on my wish list!) I also love making other things to do with fabric and textiles which leads me on to…

2) SparrowandB.

Its my new little business venture which is currently just textile jewellery but I have many more ideas of things to add…so take a look at www.etsy.com/shop/sparrowandb

3) For work I’ve done various bits of Styling work on shoots for magazines like SHE and worked in Styling/Wardrobe departments for TV programs like All Star Family Fortunes and the Xfactor.

To find out more, well, I’m afraid you’ll have to find out by reading my blogs…